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Contact Council Staff
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Contact Council Staff

Council Administration

CUNA Councils
P.O. Box 431
Madison, WI 53701-0431
Phone: 800-356-9655
FAX: 608-231-4061

David Rohn, Vice President
Extension 4368

Cheryl Sorenson, Conferences and Meetings Manager
Extension 4393

Julie Lang, Awards & Sponsorship Programs Manager
Extension 4018

Natalie Sherry, Membership Manager
Extension 4141

Lacinda Athen,  Member Relations & Engagement Manager
Extension 4276


Dawn Lalley,  Associate Manager - Website & Member Resources
Extension 4095


Deb Verdecchia, Executive Activities and Conferences Coordinator
Extension 4357

Kevin Stamn, Membership Coordinator
Extension 4047

Heidi Skaar,  Sponsorship, Awards & Meetings Coordinator
Extension 4176